The Festival

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To celebrate its 30th anniversary, the True Neapolitan Pizza Association promotes, from May 27 to 30, an international festival involving all the continents, while its heart lies in Naples: the Pizzafestival.
The Pizzafestival is the first major global event that enhances the Neapolitan Pizza in the place where it was born and where it still reaches the highest expression of quality: the pizzeria.
The Festival, will no longer be held in a single location, but it takes place in hundreds of pizzerias members in the world: from Naples to New York, from Sao Paulo to Tokyo.
From Tuesday 27 to Friday 30 May, the pizzerias identified by the logo of the True Neapolitan Pizza is organizing lots of events and food and wine trails thematically divided into:

» The Tradition Road
» Road of Art and Creativity
» The Beer Road
» The Wine Road
» The Sparkling Road
» The Tomato and Campania's specialties Road

Each road includes several events connected by the same theme which will take place on different days and at different pizzerias.

The Pizzafestival will also includes many initiatives such as:

- Educational workshops. From May 8 the city of Naples and its main squares (links to squares) will attract both children and adults thanks to the educational workshops. Free educational seminars on the pizza, on the products (oil, tomato, mozzarella and other ingredients) and its combinations (wine, beer, sparkling wines and water). Interactive educational courses aimed at captivating the public attention about the excellence related to the world of the Neapolitan pizza. Check here for the events calendar.

- “Vera Pizza Napoletana Photo Awards” The first international photo contest whose theme is the True Neapolitan Pizza, where the winning photos will be shown in a photographic exhibition from May 27 to 30 in Piazza Dante, Naples.

- “I'm starting from 30 A convention where, on May 26, we will discuss together with some authoritative guests about the future of the Neapolitan pizza and the way it acts as a tourist attraction.

- Best Pizzeria AVPN 2014 The first worldwide competition dedicated to the pizzerias members of AVPN, among which the web audience and a jury of journalists will choose the best.

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